European Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys

Strategic IP Forum #4 3rd December 2106 - Wall of Ideas

  • Roll of brands, trademarks in IP strategy
  • Let PhDs talk about current IP research
  • Regional patent strategies in EU, US and China – similarities & differences?
  • IP Costs control
  • Inhouse work vs outsourcing
  • Patent management system
  • Work management
  • Software copyright vs open-source
  • Choosing an appropriate IP protection mechanism – patent, trade secret and/or design
  • IP Expenditure – convincing the CFO – how?
  • Patent analysis systems to support decision making
  • How the University protects its IP
  • How to make University-Company collaboration work
  • Suggestion – a talk by Research Operations or Cambridge Enterprise
  • Patent vs Speed
  • Leveraging IP for funding
  • IP Patents, Trademarks, Designs – managing jointly
  • Open Source and IP
  • Patent Jurisdictions – why and where by tech areas
  • Patent monetisation and tactics
  • Software Copyright vs Open Source
  • How to get Goliath off the fence and invest/fund early stage
  • Particular challenges in International Collaboration
  • Implications of Brexit for IP Management
  • Knowhow Management/sharing
  • IP Challenges related to external funding
  • Effective royalty deals
  • Big meets big – IP challenges
  • What role does IP landscaping play in technology roadmapping
  • Experts on IP in China



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